Getting Your Dental Practice to Page 1 of Google starts with a hyper-local SEO Marketing Process:

Dental SEO or search engine optimization strategy penned out on paper.

First, we do keyword research for the local cities & neighborhoods around your office where you want your practice to rank. Then, we identify related keywords and topics that can improve SEO ranking results.

Next, we do a thorough competitive analysis. We analyze the top 50 results yielded by your keyword and location. We analyze each of these top 50 competitors on over 500 SEO ranking factors – both on and off page. The goal of researching these roughly 25,000 data points is to identify for your niche & your location, which factors are most directly related to achieving a page 1 search engine result pages (“SERPs”).

As part of the competitive analysis, we do a vulnerability analysis for the competitor in the Number One position. We do this vulnerability analysis relative to lower ranking search results to understand why they are in the number 1 position. This eliminates guesswork.

At this point, we are ready to develop your Business Acceleration Package. After the competitive analysis, we develop our SEO strategy to strive to put your dental practice into the top position. We next craft the landing page content designed to rank higher in search results.

Lastly, we launch after client approval & monitor search engine results.

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But it requires more than just SEO…

The Cornerstone of All Your Digital Marketing Is Your Dental Website

Picture of a BrilliantDoc website for an orthodontist where SEO for dental practices was used to enhance their dental marketing.


Dental Website Design

Your online presence is defined by your website.

It’s your practice’s introduction to new clients and the foundation for all your digital marketing. Referrals use your site to check-out the practice prior to scheduling their first appointment.

These potential patients have one foot in your door due to the referral, but your website and reviews still need to give them good feelings about the practice. But if referrals are the only ones seeing your site, then the website if simply an online brochure – not a lead generator for potential patients.


Search Engines: The First Problem

Woman on her phone and laptop looking at the top site ranks listed because of practice SEO and impressed by site speeds.


Getting your website found in a search engine is a problem. It is solved by search engine optimization (“SEO”). Google assumes its customers want information, and as far as the search engines are concerned, the more information the better. However, potential dental patients do not want to read thousands of words on a topic. New patients want just enough information to decide if they will make that first phone call to your dental practice.

Information needs to be on-point, easy to understand, and speak directly to the needs and wants of new patients. The patient experience starts with your website.


Website Engagement: The Second Problem

This is the bigger problem of the two. If your dental practice’s website is found, but it doesn’t engage the visitor, your dental marketing efforts have failed. Of course, you had a well-known web designer so that problem is fixed, right?

No. There is a huge mindset difference between a business owner (in this case a doctor) and the customer or patient. If your designer is developing the site to please the doctor, that’s a problem because doctors suffer from the “curse of knowledge.”


The Curse of Knowledge

Website visitor is confused because the dental website is full of clinical jargon in big paragraphs.


It is natural and therefore prominent that the doctor feels it very important to project competency and expertise on their website while the potential patient assumes competency at this stage of the search process. If there is any doubt, checking reviews will tell the story.

The doctor is proud of their dental practice and team and wants the visitor to know as much as possible about their business and services. This is true for most every practice owner.

Unfortunately, the visitor doesn’t connect with this type of information. They just want to know how being a part of your practice is going to help them and make their lives better. If they have a specific problem that led them to the practice’s site, they will dig deeper to find out how you can solve their problem. This is why it’s important to use multiple pages for dedicated service pages and do keyword research to for those procedures searched the most.

Doctor’s tend to use dental terms while people search for things like “infected tooth.” You want a web developer who understands the mindset gap and can do web development designed to meet the needs of each target audience: the site visitor and the doctor. If you’re interested in more about this, read more about a dental practice’s website.


If the dental practice website isn’t right, you’re not ready for dental SEO.

But don’t worry, BrilliantDoc can fix websites too.


Dental Search Engine Optimization

Woman on phone after searching for dentists online. Dental search engine SEO plus website development for dental practices is BrilliantDoc's Expertise.


Good web designers will include basic on-page SEO automatically as part of the practice’s digital marketing. But the reality is that most dental websites today function simply as an online brochure for the practice.

Prospective patients get a referral from someone, they look up the practice’s name (or the doctor’s name), then a couple of reviews and make the decision to call or not. New dental patients that don’t have a referral but are searching for a dentist or orthodontist never find your website. To them, you have zero web presence.

SEO is critical to your website’s ranking. The bad news is that traditional SEO takes time and is typically expensive. That’s because SEO is complex and constantly changing. Every time Google make a big change to their search algorithms the SEO experts have to figure out what changed, and how to adjust what they do. At least the good agencies do.

Some SEO companies are a “one trick pony” (like link building) that creates thousands of backlinks from websites that don’t really help your search results. But they send a report each month that let’s you know the impressive number of backlinks they’ve created (or bought).

But the ultimate proof of great SEO is your telephone.

If an SEO company has been working a year or more and it hasn’t led to more phone calls, it’s time to make a change. The good news is that if you already have that SEO foundation built, then BrilliantDoc can generally get your phone ringing quickly after launching our SEO landing pages (more on that in a moment). Call (888) 337-6278 or email [email protected] to learn how we can help you!


Why a Dental SEO Company?

SEO with bullseye in background depicting the targeted approach a dental SEO marketing company can get with dental SEO services.


Every marketing niche is different and requires an SEO strategy designed for that niche. Just being a marketing expert is not enough. Niche expertise is a dental practice’s advantage in this highly competitive niche. But even then, not all dental service organizations are created equal.

Search engines know the difference between niches, and which search engine result pages are ranked for that niche. What moves a business ahead in organic search results for one niche may not work for a different niche. Most SEO services has a basic approach the use for everyone. Some fixate on broken links, some on page speed, others on building backlinks. We analyze each client’s situation and customize our approach. The common thread is how we implement those changes.

Your dental SEO strategy needs to be customized. We at BrilliantDoc have analyzed search results not only for dental related topics, but for many healthcare related niches. But we know dental SEO. After all, you found this page.


Local Search Results

Person at the computer about to search Google and find dental websites listed on the first page because of dental SEO.


A critical factor Google uses in how they rank dental websites is physical distance. This means that when someone searches for an orthodontist, any dental specialist or a dentist online, Google recognizes the physical distance from your office to the searcher as a key consideration as to which practice websites they rank first.

Yes, Google knows where you are when you search, even when searching on a phone.

So, are you out of luck if your office isn’t close to the potential new patient when they search? Nope.


SEO Marketing & Hyper-Local SEO

Image of a target with a dart in the bullseye depicting the hyper-local dental SEO offers for dental websites.


Local SEO is somewhat different than search engine optimization for a national product.

In some ways easier, in some way harder.

It is easier because there is less competition. But, it is harder because location matters. New patients may be searching in the next town over, but your site may not be in the search results because of physical distance. By default, Google gives organic search results preference to those closest to the physical location.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make it to page 1 in Google search results for towns nearby, it just means you need an agency that specializes in hyper-local SEO.


BrilliantDoc logo with make your practice shine tagline meaning BrilliantDoc's website and SEO services get dental practices found online.


The BrilliantDoc Difference

Our Business Acceleration Packages Harness the Power of Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

Your website has the potential to reach people in and around your community who are searching for quality dental or orthodontic services on search engines.

Help them find you with landing pages using carefully researched keywords, each specifically targeted to the geographic areas surrounding your practice.

BrilliantDoc’s hyper-local SEO provides your practice with a localized web presence that expands past the town your office is in – with the goal of getting your practice onto the first page of Google’s search engine results pages in each town.


Map with pins noting specific locations where a practice may want to target with their dentist SEO


Where Does “Geo-Targeting” Come In?

When it comes to local searches, a critical factor Google uses to determine your website ranking is the proximity of your physical location to the location of the searcher.

By utilizing multiple geographically targeted landing pages, each one dedicated to a specific neighborhood or town around your office, we increase the probability of someone in that area finding your practice. It gives your practice a virtual presence for SEO purposes.

Geo-targeted landing pages are ideal for both single location & multiple location practices.


What Makes Our Business Acceleration Package So Effective?

  • Boost your local Google maps listings
  • Target local customers actively searching for your dental services
  • Handcrafted by people who know the dental industry
  • Detailed keyword research ensures proper targeting
  • 100% fully compliant with Google’s guidelines – no shortcuts, hacks or spammed methods
  • Optimized using best practices and white hat (only) SEO tactics
  • Landing pages improve internal linking within your website
  • Inspire confidence in visitors

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Get Better SEO Marketing Results

Boost Search Rankings

Improve your website’s organic search rankings and map rankings, and continue to generate new patients – potentially for years to come.

New Patient Leads

Our Business Acceleration Package includes individual landing pages for 12 locations or more locations, to connect with all your surrounding communities.

Ideal Keywords

Our detailed research of highly used keywords allows us to recommend the most ideal search phrases used by your communities and optimize with additional keywords.

The Best Value

Business Acceleration Packages provide more value per dollar than any other SEO product on the market. A long-lasting business asset you own!

Handcrafted Pages

Your landing pages are individually made for your website, and are 100% fully compliant with Google’s guidelines; no shortcuts or hacks.

Geocoded Images

Images for your new landing pages are included, and optimized for your surrounding cities or region.

Are Results Guaranteed*?

Every niche and location is different, and there are no guarantees*, but this process gives your business the best chance we’ve seen in the SEO business and we are happy to share real clients’ results.

*We can’t control when or how Google makes changes in their algorithm

Can Results Be Tracked?

Absolutely! Unlike standard SEO which is near impossible to track results, BrilliantDoc’s practice SEO is very straight forward and simple to track.


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