Save Time & Money

Turn Your Your Paper Forms into HIPAA Compliant Online Forms

Keep your practice efficient and make social distancing easier by having patients conveniently fill out their paperwork online at home and submit them securely. BrilliantDoc gives you everything needed to easily send and receive HIPAA compliant forms online.

A STAR® website brings more patients to your practice by effectively communicating how you can help, who you can help, and how their lives will be enhanced by your help! It is designed to deliver relevant information in the way our brains are designed to accept that information.

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What kind of forms can I put online?

  • New Patient Intake Packets
  • All Consent Forms & Releases
  • Bundle forms into convenient packets
  • Patient surveys

Why should I digitize my forms?

  • Save money by reducing costs associated with a paper process.
  • Save time by automating much of the intake process & reducing the potential of running late.
  • Fully prepare for appointments by checking insurance benefits ahead of time.
  • Make the act of social distancing easier with less patient wait time.
  • Reassure your patients and community that you prioritize their health & safety.
  • Enhance the eco-friendliness of your practice.

Protect Your Patients and Your Practice

Emailing new patient forms online risks the interception of PHI. Save your practice time & money and let your patients know that you value their health and security by transitioning from paper forms to HIPAA compliant digital online forms.


HIPAA Compliant

With our HIPAA compliant forms service, all patient data is encrypted in transit and rest. And a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is included.


Customized For You

You’ve worked hard to establish your brand. Your online forms will be customized with your practice’s logo and colors.

Device Independent

Make the process convenient for your patients. The digital forms are designed to be filled out on a PC, tablet or phone.

Upload Files

For convenience, patients can HIPAA compliant form submission for images or files, such as photos of their insurance and credit cards, while filling out the online forms.


Digital Signatures

Collect electronic patient signatures before the appointment. Easily give your patients the ability to digitally sign from their phone, tablet, or computer.

Export to PDF or CSV

Quickly export patient form data to a PDF or CSV file and easily upload or attach it to any patient record in your practice management software (PMS).

Embed or Link

Embed your digital forms directly on your website, or link out to them. Your forms are customized with your logo, brand, and styling to match your site.

In-Office Digital Forms

Patients who have not filled out their HIPAA forms prior to their appointment can do so at your office using a tablet computer, which can be cleaned between uses.


★ No Setup Fees
★ Unlimited HIPAA Compliant Web Forms
★ No Contracts/Cancel Anytime
★ Simple Setup

Multiple locations? Discounts available for added locations.

Additional Available Services

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Local SEO

Help more people find your practice by ranking higher for local searches. Our team of experts uses proprietary technology to boost the SEO capabilities of your website.


My Smile Choice™

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