Born Out of a Discussion With a Doctor

We provide concierge marketing services, so you can focus on your expertise

The doctor talked about how he disliked the need for marketing, but consolidation within the health industry was hurting referrals and making it necessary. He didn’t want to become an expert marketer, he just wanted to focus on being an expert clinician.

He felt his current agency could be more efficient and effective with his money, but he didn’t know enough about marketing to confidently convey direction. Honestly, he didn’t know if he was being taken advantage of or not. Everyone he hired seemed nice and they all seemed knowledgeable, but sometimes they had conflicting advice. The one constant was that they were always expensive.

And thus, BrilliantDoc had a reason to exist.

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At BrilliantDoc, we believe…

  • Practice owners should not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money on marketing to see significant results
  • Marketing ought to be simple enough for practice owners to be confident in their partnership with us and know why their marketing efforts will work
  • Doctors need to focus on what they do best…helping patients and their community
  • Work should NOT be a source of stress, but rather a resource to enjoy life
  • Every person should be treated with respect and given great customer service

What we can do for your practice?

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