Born Out of a Discussion With a Doctor

We provide concierge marketing services, so you can focus on your expertise

The doctor talked about how he disliked the need for marketing, but consolidation within the health industry was hurting referrals and making it necessary. He didn’t want to become an expert marketer, he just wanted to focus on being an expert clinician.

He felt his current agency could be more efficient and effective with his money, but he didn’t know enough about marketing to confidently convey direction. Honestly, he didn’t know if he was being taken advantage of or not. Everyone he hired seemed nice and they all seemed knowledgeable, but sometimes they had conflicting advice. The one constant was that they were always expensive.

And thus, BrilliantDoc had a reason to exist.

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At BrilliantDoc, we believe…

  • Practice owners should not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money on marketing to see significant results
  • Marketing ought to be simple enough for practice owners to be confident in their partnership with us and know why their marketing efforts will work
  • Doctors need to focus on what they do best…helping patients and their community
  • Work should NOT be a source of stress, but rather a resource to enjoy life
  • Every person should be treated with respect and given great customer service


Our (Unique) History

The uncommon makeup of our team is our super power! Our 4 founders each compliment each other to give you a combined expertise that’s beyond anything seen in the dental industry before…

Tracy Buchanan Stout

Co-Founder, CEO & Orthodontist Wanna-Be

My passion has always been to partner with doctors & teams to grow their practice. I’ve been blessed to do just that for the last 20+ years in almost 1,000 practices! The highlight was in 2005 when I joined Align as a Territory Manager. Using my degree in psychology & marketing, I was able to help Orthodontists & Dentists significantly grow their practices…and it turned out that I LOVED orthodontics. I’m a big puzzle person. So elevating my clinical knowledge to help dentists & orthodontists learn how to move teeth with aligners became an obsession. Now, with my husband and two little guys, I want to slow down a bit and partner with select practices so I can flourish in both my passions…my family & helping private practices thrive!

Bill Buchanan

Co-Founder, Marketing Guru & Dad

Bill’s 50 years of marketing, advertising, & research experience really gives BrilliantDoc (& therefore, YOU) an advantage. When you spend years as a VP at Leo Burnett – one of the largest ad agencies in the world, working on the largest brands in the world, you typically charge in the top 6 figures as a consultant. Instead, he’s come out of retirement to help his daughter (Tracy) give you an edge over your competition.

His career wasn’t just spent in big corporations. The last 20 years was spent as a consultant working with small businesses and start-ups over dozens of industries. Once, he completely took over the marketing and advertising support for a payment processing start-up, and helped grow their processing volume from $100K to $3Billion (yes, with a B) in 10 years. Trust us, you’re in good hands.

Bill is also the creator of BrilliantDoc’s proprietary STAR® Decision Model. When his wife of 50 years was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, being a researcher, he dove straight into science of the brain. During this research, using both primary and secondary sources, he recognized that the classic marketing theory of how people make purchase decisions was simply wrong. Marketing models continue to be incorrectly driven by the assumed primacy of logic.

Joshua Leach

Co-Founder, Project Lead & Oracle of Reality

The “how” of any project is critical to any business’ success. Josh’s expertise as an Engineer makes sure that we approach solutions with efficiency, risk reduction, and pragmatism. His over 10 years of experience within medical has been invaluable, making sure that we constantly work to exceed expectations and stay on target. Josh has a wonderful partner in his wife and his daughter constantly has him running. He wears his ‘Soccer Dad’ label proudly.

Wesley Horton

Co-Founder, Attention Getter & Technology Expert

Fueled by creativity (and coffee!), Wesley has spent more than 18 years honing his technical skills to craft awesome websites that drive traffic and convert visitors. Throughout his diverse career, Wesley has served entertainment companies, celebrities, non-profits, local businesses and the health and fitness sector. He enjoys the challenge of capturing an audience’s attention, whether online or in person, having spent more than a decade in professional marketing, production and performance within the live theater and film industries. These days, Wesley’s favorite gig is being a husband to Becky, and father to their three great kids.

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