Born Out of a Discussion With a Doctor

He talked about how he disliked the need for marketing, but consolidation within the health industry was hurting referrals and making it necessary. He didn’t want to become an expert marketer, he just wanted to be an expert clinician.

The doctor knew he should manage the people who market his practice better but felt he didn’t know enough to do the job properly. He didn’t know if he was being taken advantage of or not. Everyone he hired seemed nice and they all seemed knowledgeable, but sometimes they had conflicting advice. The one constant was that they were always expensive.

And thus, BrilliantDoc had a reason to exist.

We work with practices who understand and embrace 6 truths.

These six truths drive how we do business and underlay the marketing strategies we employ.

  1. Success comes from helping people. It’s not about “beating” the competition, it’s about helping more people. Rivals are a good thing if we allow them to make us better.
  2. Patients will remember how your practice made them feel long after they’ve forgotten what procedures you performed. Patient experience is more than a slogan.
  3. All patients want to know how you can help them. There is the surface, obvious problem, but there is almost always a deeper feeling that drives their ultimate buying decision. It’s not logical.
  4. All patients want to know why they should entrust their hard-earned resources in you. Trust is the currency of business. It is hard to earn and easily lost.
  5. It is more important for a patient to feel understood than it is for them to understand your practice. People are drawn to those who “get them.”
  6. Marketing should be a tool to help people – to inform and draw them to a place where superior help is provided.

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