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In a world of corporate dentistry, efficient & effective marketing is imperative for privately owned offices to triumph.

What science knows, and what marketing agencies implement, are often different. BrilliantDoc’s proprietary buyer-decision model merges science with marketing to bring more patients to your practice. So stop wasting money, know your marketing works and do what you do best… help patients thrive!

Can you imagine making clinical decisions based on an incorrect understanding of human physiology?

Likewise, marketers shouldn’t make decisions with an incorrect understanding of buying psychology. But practically all do.

Marketers have been taught that buyers recognize a problem, seek a solution, then make their purchase decision. All very logical. But also very incorrect.

Modern neuroscience has demonstrated that most buying decisions, up to 95%, are subconscious, not rational. They are made by the Primal Brain, not the Logical Brain. The difference is profound.

That’s why we have our proprietary STAR™ Decision Model that is driven by the science of decision making – not outmoded business school teachings.

BrillantDoc’s Approach

We’ve gone deeper to understand the motivations and buying process of your patients. Our experienced team will manage all aspects of your online presence, freeing you up to do what you do best – running your practice. 

STAR™ Decision Model

The STAR™ Decision Model serves as a foundation for our website and digital marketing. We’ll provide you with training on how more effectively connect with the subconscious Primal Brain.

STAR™ Model Websites

Your website has the potential to be much more than an online brochure. Let BrilliantDoc craft you a website that motivates visitors to take action and become patients.

Digital Marketing

Social media engagement, reputation defense and search marketing are vital to connect with your audience. We transform your online presence from generic to an engaging community outreach program.

The STAR™ Decision Model

With us, your patients are always the STAR. We make it our mission to break through all the noise and connect with them on a subconscious level, based on proven techniques developed through neuroscience.

And we will teach you to do the same.

Stop wasting your time and money on marketing guessing games. Understand the motivations behind the buying process of your potential patients.

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STAR™ Model Websites

Your website is often a visitor’s first experience with your practice. Make them feel welcome, answer their questions and transform them into patients!

It’s time your website worked for you.

Connect with your online visitors, improve your practice’s search rankings and provide blazing fast page loads on any device. Our website team handles everything.

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Fully Managed Digital Marketing

Your time is valuable, and you need to focus your energy on your patients. But there is still the matter of your practice’s online reputation, search results and social media – all key factors to reaching new patients.

Don’t worry, we’ve got this.

Attract new patients, connect with your current patients and grow your practice with the help of our digital marketing team dedicated to your practice’s continued success.

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