Dental Websites and Online Marketing

Make a Significant Impact Online with Minimal Effort or Cost

In creating our marketing solutions, we’ve gone deeper to understand the motivations and buying process of your dental and orthodontic patients. Our experienced team will manage your online presence, freeing you up to do what you do best – running your practice.

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STAR® Websites

It’s time your website worked for you

Your website is often a visitor’s first experience with your practice. Make them feel welcome, answer their questions and transform them into patients!

Connect with your online visitors, improve your practice’s search rankings and provide blazing fast page loads on any device. Our website team handles everything.

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Online Forms

Customized, convenient and HIPAA compliant

Emailing new patient forms online risks the interception of PHI, and paper forms are cumbersome and cannot be disinfected. Save your practice time & money and let your patients know that you value their health and security by transitioning from paper forms to HIPAA compliant digital online forms.

Keep your practice efficient and make social distancing easier by having patients conveniently fill out their paperwork online at home and submit them securely.

A man at home searching for a local dentist on his tablet
businesswoman using phone on street to search for dentist

Local SEO

Reach more people with geo-targeted landing pages

The goal of search engines is to match people’s search queries with local businesses providing the most relevant information and services. Make it easy for local searchers to find you by providing high-value content combined with carefully researched keywords, all specifically targeted to the geographic areas surrounding your practice.

Enhance your website with geo-targeted landing pages to connect people in your local communities who need your quality dental or orthodontic services.

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My Smile Choice™

Level up your aligner program

People don’t know what it really takes to move teeth, and DTC aligner companies are reinforcing and capitalizing off this “easy and cheap” misconception.

My Smile Choice™ is a complete, back to front solution that allows you to successfully, confidently and profitably offer 3 levels of clear aligner treatment to grow the adult segment of your practice.

Together we can attract adult patients to get the examination and diagnosis they need and deserve so they can make an educated decision on their treatment.

woman with clear aligner smiling in mirror

Can you imagine making clinical decisions based on an incorrect understanding of human physiology?

Likewise, marketers shouldn’t make decisions with an incorrect understanding of buying psychology. But practically all do.

Marketers have been taught that buyers recognize a problem, seek a solution, then make their purchase decision. All very logical. But also very incorrect.

Modern neuroscience has demonstrated that most buying decisions, up to 95%, are subconscious, not rational. They are made by the Primal Brain, not the Logical Brain. The difference is profound.

That’s why we have our proprietary STAR® Decision Model that is driven by the science of decision making – not outmoded business school teachings.

Rooted in Science, Powered by People

BrilliantDoc Science plus Marketing equals Growth

In a world of corporate dentistry, efficient & effective marketing is imperative for privately owned offices to triumph.

What science knows, and what marketing agencies implement, are often different. BrilliantDoc’s proprietary buyer-decision model merges science with marketing to bring more patients to your dental or orthodontic practice. So stop wasting money, know your marketing works and concentrate on helping patients thrive!

STAR® Decision Model

Connect with patients using neuroscience

With us, your patients are always the STAR. We make it our mission to break through all the noise and connect with them on a subconscious level, based on proven techniques developed through neuroscience.

And we will teach you to do the same.

Stop wasting your time and money on marketing guessing games. Understand the motivations behind the buying process of your potential patients.

Find out what we can do for your practice!

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