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For Better SEO, Focus on Helping Your Community

Old school search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that concentrate on complicated formulas, algorithms, and jamming as many keywords on a page as possible are officially out!

User experience is in! Google no longer focuses on the exact words a person uses in a query. To provide desired information faster, they instead focus on search intent. Google predicts the ultimate goal a person has when they type a query.

Just as patient experience in the office separates your practice from competitors, this same patient-focused approach can be taken online with the most helpful pages for a search query rising to the top.

Dentist happy about reaching his surrounding communities through geo-targeted landing pages from BrilliantDoc

Harness the Power of Geo-Targeted Landing Pages on Your Website

Your WordPress website has the potential to reach people in your community who are searching for quality dental or orthodontic services on Google or Bing. Help them find you with landing pages featuring relevant, high-value content and carefully researched keywords, all specifically targeted to the geographic areas surrounding your practice.

Dentist happy about reaching his surrounding communities through geo-targeted landing pages from BrilliantDoc
Senior man using laptop at home to find a local dentist

Where Does “Geo-Targeting” Come In?

When it comes to local searches, a critical factor Google uses to determine your website ranking is the proximity of your physical location to the location of the searcher.

By utilizing multiple geographically targeted landing pages, each one dedicated to a specific community you serve, we increase the probability of someone in that area finding your practice.

Geo-targeted landing pages are ideal for both single location & multiple location practices!

Woman is happy to have found the geo-targeted landing page for a quality local orthodontist online

What Makes Our Geo-Targeted Landing Pages So Effective?

  • Target local customers actively searching for your services
  • Handcrafted by people who know the dental industry
  • Detailed keyword research ensures proper targeting
  • 100% fully compliant with Google’s guidelines – no shortcuts, hacks or spammy methods
  • Optimized using best practices and white hat (only) SEO tactics
  • Published over time so Google sees freshness
  • Boost local (maps) listings on Google and Bing
  • Landing pages improve internal linking within your website
  • Inspire confidence in visitors

Patient-Focused Local SEO

Reach people in your surrounding communities who are actively searching for your services online. Introduce them to your practice with beautiful, mobile-responsive landing pages that rank high on SERPs (search engine results pages). You’ll provide answers to their dental or orthodontic questions and encourage them to contact you for an appointment.

Boost Search Rankings

Improve your website’s organic search rankings and map rankings, and continue to generate new patients for years to come.

New Patient Leads

Your geo-targeted landing page pack includes individual landing pages for up to 12 locations, so you can connect with all your surrounding communities.


Ideal Keywords

Our detailed research allows us to recommend the most ideal search phrases used by your communities and optimize with additional keywords.

The Best Value

Geo-targeted landing pages provide more value per dollar than any other SEO product on the market. A long-lasting asset, and you own the pages!

Handcrafted Pages

Your landing pages are individually made for your WordPress website, and are 100% fully compliant with Google’s guidelines; no shortcuts or hacks.

Geocoded Images

Images for your new landing pages are included, and geocoded with location data to target search traffic from your surrounding cities or region.

Made for WordPress

BrilliantDoc’s geo-targeted landing pages are custom made to enhance your practice’s existing WordPress website’s local SEO capabilities.

Performance Reports

Track the status of your website’s search ranking performance with regular reports, delivered directly to your Inbox.

We would be happy to provide you with a case study so you can see the results for yourself.

Learn more about BrilliantDoc’s unique solution to local SEO for your practice.


What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page, designed and developed specifically for marketing or advertising a business, product or service. It is where a visitor “lands” after they click on an organic link in a search engine, in an email, or an ad on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web.

What are geo-targeted landing pages?

Geo-targeted landing pages are individual landing pages designed for a local audience, typically a city or region. They feature high value content made for a specific local audience, combined with a variety of on-page SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in order to rank high in local results on Google, Bing, etc.

Geo-targeted landing pages are an excellent way to improve organic search engine traffic, and often outrank competitors who don’t have these pages. They also have a side benefit of reducing costs and improving ad rankings for pay per click campaigns.

Can geo-targeted landing pages be applied to any website?

Our listed pricing only applies to websites built with WordPress. Not sure? Contact us and we’ll review your website and provide you with options.

BrilliantDoc also offers a low-cost, subscription-based website package so you can get a custom WordPress website that truly conveys the quality of your practice.

Will people see all these landing pages when they visit our website directly?

People will find one of your geo-targeted landing pages when it matches their search query online, but not through the main navigation of your website. While we link to the landing pages from the website’s footer, they are designed to complement your website’s design.

Can’t I just have my web designer do this for me?

You can certainly try, but using developers who do not specialize in this specific approach to Local SEO wastes a lot of your time and money because they mostly apply a strategy of trial & error. Our team offers the most technically advanced geo-targeted landing pages on the market.

Other agencies offer similar Local SEO strategies at astronomical prices. How can you do it at such a low cost?

Other agencies typically have to manually create each individual landing pages, which is extremely time consuming. BrilliantDoc uses proprietary software that allows us to manually develop a single landing page with a lot of built in variables. We then use it to export a batch of geographically-targeted landing pages for your selected cities, neighborhoods or zip codes. Our ability to create a batch of landing pages from a single master allows us to offer this typically expensive strategy at an extremely affordable price, while keeping every landing page top quality.

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