Let’s Go Fishing

Imagine a nice large lake and you want to catch some fish. So, you drop a line in the water and wait. Sooner or later you pull in a fish.

Now imagine that there is someone else on the same lake with you. They have dropped a dozen lines in various locations around the lake.

Who is likely to catch more fish?

Dentists and orthodontists can use geo-targeted landing pages to attract new pages from surrounding communities

Attract More Local Patients with Geo-Targeted Landing Pages

The Internet is the primary place where people go to find local services, and as a local dental practice, you want to attract patients. Just like with fishing, you put your website out onto the web universe and you wait. And depending on your “bait,” sooner or later your website attracts a patient. But it’s not enough, so you try a lot of other marketing stuff online to try and get people to visit your website and then book an appointment.

But what if you took a different approach?

What if, instead of using a single homepage to welcome visitors from your community, you had 12 of them, each tailored to a specific neighborhood, town or zip code surrounding your practice? The rest of your website stays the same, but now you have multiple entry points, each specifically targeting people who are searching for your services in a different region (e.g. “dentist near me”).

Instead of competing with hundreds of dentists in your larger surrounding community for the top spots on the first page of Google, each of your dozen geo-targeted landing pages is competing with only the dentists in that specific area.

Which approach do you think will rank you higher in Google and attract more patients? And what if you could cut back on some of the other online marketing to get people to visit your website?

A young mother searches for a local dentist online

Traditional SEO is Expensive and Time-Consuming

Traditional SEO techniques are often known to be, at best, confusing, expensive and time-consuming. At worst, some SEO agencies use deceptive black hat SEO tactics that go against search engine guidelines, deceive visitors and even penalize the client.

But let’s think outside the proverbial box and translate this new approach to local SEO into some actual numbers.

Chicago Example

According to Wikipedia, there were roughly 2.7 million people in Chicago in 2017. If you had your dental practice in a neighborhood of Chicago called Lake View, the local population was 100,470. So if you were a practice owner in the Lake View neighborhood, you would need to make a decision… focus your practice website on residents of Lake View only, or promote your practice to all of Chicago? Even if focusing on Lake View would give a huge advantage to getting on page 1 of Google for that area, most practice owners would choose to promote to all of Chicago because it offers a bigger market.

According to Google Maps, focusing your website on Chicago puts you into competition with more than 440 dentists to get one of those 10 organic spots on page one of Google. If you focus your website specifically on the Lake View community, that would reduce your local competitors to around 20, making it much easier to get to page one. But then you’ve given up the rest of Chicago, right? Not with BrilliantDoc.

BrilliantDoc creates 12 geo-targeted landing pages on your website to connect with the communities surrounding your physical location. Suddenly you are reaching a population of approximately 926,000 people, but still competing with only a small amount of other dentists in each specific community. A total win-win scenario!

Smarter Local SEO by BrilliantDoc

BrilliantDoc uses proprietary technology to efficiently create a batch of geographically-targeted landing pages on your website and boost your search rankings online. Each page is custom made to address search queries coming from a specific city, neighborhood or zip code near your physical practice location(s). Visitors find the community and purpose specific information they’re looking for and are given a great first impression of your practice on a beautiful – and helpful – landing page.


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