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Are you searching for the most effective and affordable Local SEO for your orthodontic marketing?

Have you tried local SEO (search engine optimization) to reach more patients, but are not seeing the results you were promised?

https://brilliantdoc.com/orthodontist-seo-best-search-engine-optimization-strategy/Has finding the right SEO services for orthodontists been confusing or overwhelming?

Do you want an Orthodontic SEO expert who can offer a simple Local SEO approach that is proven to drive new patients into your practice?

You’re in the Right Place.

The Challenge

Happy dentist trusting her online marketing with BrilliantDoc

Search Results Are Based On Location

When it comes to local searches around your practice, a critical factor Google uses to determine your website’s ranking is based on the distance of your office to the physical location of the searcher. If other, competing practices are closer in proximity to the searcher, their websites may be listed higher than yours on Google.

Okay, then how do I get my website listed as a top Google result in neighboring towns?

Harness the Power of Geographically-Targeted Landing Pages on Your Website

Help people searching for quality orthodontic services easily find your practice online by adding geo-targeted landing pages to your orthodontic website. These pages mimic the look of your homepage, each one geo-coded to target a specific neighborhood, town or city around your office.
Dentist happy about reaching his surrounding communities through geo-targeted landing pages from BrilliantDoc

What We Do

research and target local seo for dentists

Research & Target

We work with you to figure out the best search phrase and target locations for your new geo-targeted landing pages. Ex. Best orthodontist in…

build local seo geo-targeted landing pages


We build a web page that mimics the design of your homepage with full navigation at the top for easy access to the rest of your site.

replicate seed page to individual geo-targeted landing pages for local SEO


We replicate the web page and geocode and optimize each one to capture search traffic from a neighborhood, town or city near your office.

Woman is happy to have found the geo-targeted landing page for a quality local orthodontist online

The Result

When a Google query is entered for the targeted search phrase in a nearby town, your website comes up – many times above offices that actually reside in that town.

Finally! Local SEO that actually works!

Read the Testimonials

Dr Michael Payne is a Board Certified Orthodontist and the owner of American River Orthodontics (ARO) in Sacramento where the competition is fierce.

American River Orthodontics

“Can’t say enough about BrilliantDoc! – they provide our SEO and website management. Since using them we have seen a significant increase in new patient calls – literally times, all four lines are new patients. Couldn’t be happier with what they’ve done for us!!”

– Cheryl Kammerer (Office Manager)

The Approach

ARO targeted the search phrase “Best Orthodontist in/near ________” and then chose 12 towns and neighborhoods around his office. After only 1 month, ARO ranks on page 1 of Google for their target search term for 9 out of the 12 targeted locations…with the other 3 rising day by day:

The Results

  • “Best Orthodontist Near Carmichael” moved up 61 spots to page 1!
  • “Best Orthodontist Near Orangevale” moved up 50 spots to page 1!
  • “Best Orthodontist Near Land Park” moved up 23 spots to page 1!
After just a few months, new patient calls were up over 400% and new patient consults up over 300%!
Dr. Moinakhtar Lala and Dr. Mehran J. Khorsandi of CACVI
Dr. Moinakhtar Lala and Dr. Mehran J. Khorsandi lead the Center for Advanced Cardiac and Vascular Interventions (CACVI), which is located in Los Angeles where the market is saturated with cardiologists.


CACVI prides itself as the amputation prevention center. Their board certified consultants in endovascular interventions specialize in micro-vessel interventions below the knee to preserve the limb with improved blood flow for better, and quicker wound healing. Amputation itself has a high mortality rate. CACVI has saved thousands of limbs and are committed to improving the quality of their patients’ lives.

The Approach

The doctors & team members had no idea how to improve their search rankings and beat their competitors on Google. And the SEO agencies they found were either too confusing in their strategies or simply cost-prohibitive.

CACVI centered their practice growth strategy around BrilliantDoc’s Geo-Targeted Landing Pages as they did not want the ongoing expense of advertising. We targeted multiple search phrases and many, many locations.

The Results

  • CACVI now ranks #1 in Google for their target search terms for 48 specific cities & neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area.
  • 69% of CACVI’s Geo-Targeted Landing Pages (188 total) are ranked in the top 1, 2 or 3 spot in the organic results of Google.
  • 96% of all landing pages are listed on page 1 of Google for their target search terms.

We were able to get CACVI ranked above their competition within days…goal achieved!

Dr. Parvinchi and Dr. Date
Dr Parvinchi and Dr Date have a family medical practice called SCV Medical Group just north of Los Angeles in the Santa Clarita Valley.

SCV Medical Group

“I just want to recommend Wes and Tracy at BrilliantDoc to Anyone out there who is trying to get their business name out there on the internet and build a strong following of clientele.

I have known Wes for over 5 years, and he has been honest, straightforward, and has saved me on numerous occasions when I have run into difficulties with other companies. The problem is that most business owners do not know anything about marketing online and usually, to my knowledge, get taken advantage of. But Wes and Tracy have been so helpful and so professional in every aspect of setting up our Websites, SEO, and social media that we are truly grateful to have found them.

I would without a doubt recommend their services 100% to anyone who wants to work with a team who will help grow your business or practice and wants a large clientele base for the future.”

– Dr Amir Parvinchi (Practice Owner)

The Approach

Dr Parvinchi wanted to grow his practice in 2021. After brainstorming the best strategy, we determined that promoting the weight loss programs in his practice was the best option to increase the number of new patients. The team would then need to be intentional to transition the weight loss patients into regular, long-term patients of the practice.

The Results

After Only 2 Weeks:

  • SCV’s website moved up to page 1 of Google for their target search term for 9 out of the 12 targeted locations!
  • “Weight Loss Clinic For Saugus” ranked #3 right below Yelp and ABOVE Jenny Craig!
  • “Weight Loss Clinic For Castaic” ranked at the top of page 1 ABOVE Yelp!
  • “Weight Loss Clinic For Los Angeles” – one of the most competitive locations in the U.S. – moved up 32 spots in only 2 weeks and is working its way to page 1!
Senior man using laptop at home to find a local dentist

Now is the time to start Local SEO marketing for orthodontists.

  • Time is a critical factor for local SEO. The first orthodontic practice that deploys these pages in your area will always have an advantage over their competitors.
  • Geo-Targeted Landing Pages are not a new concept. They just haven’t been affordable for private practices…until now!
  • No ongoing subscriptions. You own these pages.
Invest one time and let these pages drive new patients to your practice – potentially for years.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing is simple. One Local SEO package consists of 1 Google Search Phrase ($995) and a minimum of 12 targeted locations ($295 ea.)


To target “Best Orthodontist in/near ___________” in 12 locations:

$995 + (12 x $295) = $4,535


We offer a 15% discount if paid-in-full, or you can finance it over 3 or 6 months.

For our website clients, we give 15% off these pages with the option to spread out the payments over 3 or 6 months.

★ Special pricing available for BrilliantDoc Website clients!
★ NOT an SEO subscription service, this is an asset purchase that you will own!

Common Questions

What is a landing page?
A landing page is a single web page, designed and developed specifically for marketing or advertising a business, product or service. It is where a visitor “lands” after they click on an organic link in a search engine, in an email, or an ad on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web.
What are geo-targeted landing pages?
Geo-targeted landing pages are individual landing pages designed for a local audience, typically a city or region. They feature high value content made for a specific local audience, combined with a variety of on-page SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in order to rank high in local search results on Google, Bing, etc.

Geo-targeted landing pages are an excellent way to improve organic search engine traffic, and often outrank competitors who don’t have these pages. They also have a side benefit of reducing costs and improving ad rankings for pay per click campaigns.

Does BrilliantDoc have to manage my website too?
Not necessarily.

If you currently own your orthodontic website and it is built with WordPress, then we can work with your current agency to gain temporary access to your orthodontic website and add these pages.

If you do not own your orthodontic website or it is not built in WordPress, we offer a free evaluation as it really depends on how your orthodontic website is built.

Ultimately, if you find you need a new orthodontic website, BrilliantDoc offers a website services subscription for only $495/mo. No large, upfront fees. BrilliantDoc’s website subscription includes a custom built, mobile-responsive website, world-class hosting, regular maintenance, content updates, accessibility tools, HIPAA compliant forms, security and more!

What about Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)?
Because Geo-Targeted Landing Pages target a specific search phrase in specific locations, many doctors tell us that this local SEO strategy sounds similar to Google Ads.

Yes, it is a similar strategy, but instead of your website being listed as an ad at the top of the page, it is listed in the natural search results Google provides below the ads, known as “organic” search results.

If you have been told you need Google Ads, you should know that:

  • You Can Get Better Results – The organic traffic derived from geo-targeted landing pages is as good as or significantly better than PPC ads.
  • There’s No Ongoing Payments – If you stop paying for PPC ads, you disappear from page 1. There are no ongoing payments for BrilliantDoc’s local SEO marketing for Dentists.
  • It Helps To Do Both – Geo-targeted landing pages can be used in conjunction with PPC ads to reduce paid search costs and increase ad position due to quality score metrics.

See the stats:

  • Studies have suggested that SEO is 5.66 times more successful than paid search
  • Only 3.27% of people click on healthcare related Google ads
  • Most people skip the ads, and click on one or more of the organic search results below. Here’s the breakdown of Google Click-Through Rates (CTR) in 2020 by Position:
    • Position 1 – 43.32%
    • Position 2 – 37.36%
    • Position 3 –29.90%
    • Position 4 – 19.38%
    • Position 5 –10.95%
    • Position 6 – 10%
    • Position 7 – 5.28%
    • Position 8 – 4.13%
    • Position 9 – 4.13%
    • Position 10 – 3.11%
      Note: The Google CTR at the very bottom of page 1 is very similar to the CTR of Google Ads.
  • A Nielsen Research study suggested that a brand name appearing in both organic and paid results got 92% of clicks

BrilliantDoc’s local SEO marketing for dentists is an excellent alternative OR complement to Google Ads… especially since it’s a one-time cost, but the results continue for years to come!

How do I check where my website ranks in Google searches?
You can check for yourself. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open a new window to search Google
  2. Search for “[Your specialty or service] in [Your town]” (Example: Best Dentist in Sacramento or Invisalign Doctor in Seattle)
  3. Now, keep the same specialty/service, but search the towns around your office

Tip: Rankings are different on a phone vs. computer. Most people search on a phone but it’s important to check both!

Are You Ready for More Patients?

Partner with BrilliantDoc and we’ll help you rank higher on Google and be found by more patients.

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