We can fix that glazed-over look you get during adult orthodontic consults!
Adult conversion rates are low, often less than 50%, wasting time and losing practice revenue.


"I just want to fix this one tooth...treatment should be quick and cheap!"
How often does your office see an adult wanting to fix only one tooth, assuming that their case is easy and inexpensive? People don't know what it really takes to move teeth, and DTC aligner companies are reinforcing and capitalizing off this "easy and cheap" misconception. 


Offer cosmetic options to start more comprehensive cases.

Awareness of clear aligner treatment is increasing like nothing we’ve seen before. There is a HUGE demand for cosmetic (vs. comprehensive) aligner treatment among adults – because that’s what everyone thinks they need. When we jump straight into all the value that comprehensive treatment will bring them, it’s shocking and confusing. By acknowledging that cosmetic treatment is an option and sharing tiered pricing upfront, adults are more engaged and able to consider the doctor’s full recommendation. 

My Smile Choice™ is a complete, back to front solution that allows you to successfully, confidently & profitably offer 3 levels of clear aligner treatment to grow the adult segment of your practice.

This program has been initially designed specifically for Orthodontists who use Invisalign® but may be adapted for other aligner brands.

The My Smile Choice™ program is designed to:
  • Increase your adult conversion rate by offering adults what they already want.
  • Increase your comprehensive starts. By showing tiered pricing up front, more COMPREHENSIVE cases than expected have started!  
  • Avoid historical nightmares associated with partial treatments. Past experiences were a nightmare because there was no structured program in place. 
  • Re-capture past adult consults who never started treatment.
  • Capture more starts from parents by promoting Tandem Treatment™.
  • Increase your overall consults by having an answer for all those “price shopper” calls.
  • Attract & help your community get the exam, diagnosis & expert care they need and deserve.
Choose from three levels of the My Smile Choice™ program, depending on your practice growth goals. Your Beta Group membership includes EVERYTHING in all three of the levels PLUS a BIG discount!

Why are we offering it all for a reduced set-up fee and only $349/mo?! 

  • We want to give our Beta Group members the option to take full advantage of all our practice growth tools.
  • We need your feedback to help us refine & enhance My Smile Choice™. 
  • Your success is our success! The more practices that join the My Smile Choice™ community the more impact we have presenting a unified front against DTC orthodontics and promote expert care.

"More people than we thought are accepting comprehensive treatment, and those that can't afford it have been so grateful that we offer an alternative. One woman actually left in tears she was so overcome with joy that we could help her."

- Cheryl Kammerer, Treatment Coordinator

Styled after business cards, patients can pass these along to refer friends, family, and co-workers!
Get a My Smile Choice™ mini-site unique to your practice to receive patient leads right to your inbox!
Share the My Smile Choice™ program with your patients using customized tri-fold brochures.
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Beta-Group BONUSES
  • Two 45-min. consultation calls to ensure integration is smooth & easy
  • Simple Integration Worksheet & Checklist
  • Customized New Patient Intake Form – get to know your patients so you can connect treatment to their lives while also promoting My Smile Choice™ and Tandem Treatment™ to parents!
  • Consult/Case Financial Tracker – track program success in real time
  • A renewed excitement about aligner treatment for you and your teamenthusiasm spreads and starts more cases!
Join the Beta Group of My Smile Choice™!

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Your community is convinced that you are not an option for them.

You can thank the insistent advertising against you over the last 5 years. More people than ever want clear aligner treatment, but they aren’t calling or scheduling consults with you. They have been conditioned to think that you are not an option for them!

It's important to act now.

Smile Direct Club (SDC) is making it more and more convenient and affordable for the mass amount of adults who want a better smile to get it. They recently announced PARTNERSHIPS with:

  • CVS – A “SmileShop” next to the pharmacy will give SDC more credibility. It will also give the appearance that orthodontics is more of a commodity than a specialty.
  • UnitedHealthcare & Aetna so people can apply their insurance up front 
...making aligner treatment as easy as stopping by the drugstore for an out-of-pocket cost of under $1,000.


After only 5 years, Smile Direct Club (SDC) is estimated to reach $1 billion this year!

“We think the US alone could be a $70B market opportunity for SDC,” Caliendo, Wall Street Analyst at UBS, said.

It took Align Technology, Inc. 20 years to reach $1B in annual revenue.

Right now you might be thinking one of three things…

“We only offer comprehensive treatment because a couple patients in the past have convinced me to do partial treatment...and it was a nightmare!”

"Nightmares" tend to become near non-existent when you have systems in place to offer a structured program that sets proper expectations & boundaries, allows you to obtain proper documentation, and give clear guidance to patients about their cosmetic options.

“We do offer partial treatment...if the patient really wants it!”

This is a typically a reactive conversation you have if a patient refuses comprehensive treatment (and is bold enough to voice what they want). Your community is constantly seeing ads that say you are too expensive, too inconvenient. Thus, adults in your community aren’t even considering you as an option. Growth comes from proactively educating your community that you offer different levels of treatment so they CAN afford treatment & get the smile they want.

“As an Orthodontist we are held to a higher standard of care where we are obligated to give people ideal treatment only.”

Dr. Michael H. Payne used to feel the same way. With direct-to-consumer companies like Smile Direct Club on the scene, here is his take now:


“I believe the recent trend towards an orthodontic mail-order treatment model should change the treatment options we as orthodontists offer to patients. By not providing an alternative treatment to DIY orthodontics we may very well be steering patients to a lower standard of care. I feel an obligation to fully inform my community of all treatment options, and at this time, to include more limited treatments.”  

“General dentistry has been more accommodating in offering different treatment options for their patients. If it is acceptable and part of our dental school training to offer levels of service then there should be criteria that we can apply to orthodontic treatment planning that provides good, better, and best options. This would be predicated on a full assessment of the patient which is not part of mail order orthodontics and what differentiates us from their approach.”


Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics

Don't you agree?

No matter what level of treatment a person wants, they’d receive a better standard of care in your practice.

Set up a quick call to see a program walk-through and get all your questions answered.

Won’t people just go for the cheapest option and cannibalize my comprehensive starts?

The whole idea of this program is to GROW your business by informing people – who have already written you off – that you not only have competitive but better options than online aligner companies.

Right now there are two options that are perceived by the public when it comes to clear aligner treatment:

  1. Comprehensive Invisalign® treatment for $5,000 - $8,000 with a lot of doctor appointments for an ideal smile  – OR

  2. Mail-order aligners for less than $2,000 and no doctor appointments for a better smile...and since "I just have this one tooth I want to fix"...

In fact, we made an incredible discovery that has led to an INCREASE in COMPREHENSIVE cases! 
  • 60 people were invited. All invites had come in for a prior consult where they were offered comprehensive treatment only and never started treatment. Therefore, any start would be incremental.  

  • 8 people came back for a second consult (a 13.3% return).

  • 5 people signed up for a “same-day start” and the other 3 gave a verbal commitment pending dental work, finances, etc.

  • Of the 5 starts, 3 were comprehensive treatment and 2 were for cosmetic treatment (the middle tier).  

  • Not a single person was interested in the lowest tier (the one similar to SDC).


It was a surprise that so many chose Complete treatment when they had declined it in the past. Dr Payne’s theory is that since the patient knew pricing upfront, it placated any questions plaguing their mind during the exam and allowed the patient to engage so much more so they understood the full value comprehensive treatment would bring them. Here’s his take on it:


“I found that My Smile Choice™ lessened the stress patients felt in deciding on treatment whether the stressors were caused by financial concerns, time in treatment, or the complexity of the treatment plan. If they came in with an understanding that options were available with different levels of care and financial levels they seemed more open to the exam process. Perhaps by knowing that they had control over the level of care they could choose, they were more open to hearing the information about their case. Some patients were more open to full treatment when they, in their mind, had resolved the concerns with affordability as these aspects of treatment with three levels of service were known to them prior to the examination. We have found most patients, given the choice of limited, more advanced, or comprehensive treatment, selected the cosmetic (the middle option) or comprehensive treatment.” 


Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics

Join the Beta Group of My Smile Choice™!

Set up a call with Tracy to get all your questions answered about My Smile Choice™.

A personal note from Tracy

Tracy (Buchanan) Stout

Founder & CEO, BrilliantDoc

Thank you so much for taking a moment to consider My Smile Choice™. We have launched it in a multiple offices so far with excellent success! Our goal now is to expand our Beta Group of practices. Together we can mold the program even further and create a wave of success that could ultimately help private orthodontic practices across the nation!  

Enrollment into the Beta Group will be open for a limited time. The focus will be to give personal attention to each of you for maximum results, collect success stories, and make sure it is ready to go for a national roll-out later this year. 

Whether you enroll in the My Smile Choice™ program today, in the future, or never at all, I truly hope that the information we provide now and in the years to come will help you and your practice thrive!

There is a phase-shift happening in Orthodontics.

Most of your peers are concerned about what the future holds for them, their practices, their employees, and their families. If this also describes you, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You can take control of your future but a choice needs to be made.

Which option will you choose?
Option #1 | Stay the Same

The best way to predict the future is to know your history. Did you know that Kodak actually invented the digital camera?! But they made all their money off film...

Option #2 | REACTIVELY start to offer partial treatment

As mail-order ortho becomes increasingly main-stream, you may see more people asking about partial treatment. Typically, partial treatment is discussed after you’ve presented and recommended comprehensive treatment. If it’s only offered reactively, then you may see some cannibalization of what could have been full cases. We are finding that when a person is initially focused on limited treatment, they aren’t as engaged as they could be in the comprehensive discussion since they are too focused on affordability. When you ease these patient’s mind on price first, they engage and better understand why comprehensive treatment is important for them.

Option #3 | PROACTIVELY let your community know the ads they’ve seen on TV are wrong!

You DO offer different levels of affordable, convenient aligner treatment! Increase your conversion rate and your number of consults by letting people know they not only get convenient, affordable aligner treatment with you but they can also get premium aligners & expert care!

What do we do about it?

Is the solution to cut your price? NO!

These venture capitalists are completely shaking up the industry. Does that mean you have to change your entire business model to thrive? NO!

We have a solution for your practice...

Your My Smile Choice™ Beta Group membership includes EVERYTHING in all three of the levels PLUS a BIG discount!
Join the Beta Group of My Smile Choice™!

Set up a quick call with Tracy to get all your questions answered about My Smile Choice™.